48 Sheet & Micro Advans Available to suit all locations and requirements









Our mobile Advans carry a 6ft x 6ft backlit billboard and can be used for both daytime and evening promotions.

Built from the quirky looking Aixam Mega Van they never fail to get attention and can easily navigate Town Centres and Retail Parks, they can also grab the attention of rush hour traffic by being able to position themselves in places that larger format billboard vans can only dream of.

Power comes from a small diesel engine that produces Ultra Low levels of CO2, and banners are produced on recycleable material, this means they compliment our Ad Trikes very well for Low Carbon and Carbon Neutral campaigns.

At the end of the campaign you will be provided with a full report of where the Advan has been and will include digital photos of the van on location.

We believe our Advans are the most competetivly priced in the country.


No of Days Duration Daily Rate Additional Hours
1 Day 8 Hours £300 £25 Per Hour
2 - 4 Days 8 Hours £290 £25 Per Hour
5 - 9 Days 8 Hours £280 £25 Per Hour
10+ Days 8 Hours £265 £25 Per Hour


All Prices are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate